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Enjoy stress-free travel arrangements that save time, money and hassles—and delight corporate travelers—with our expert, personal travel advisors.

Expert, Customized Travel Assistance


Tired of trying to solve travel plans for your business team on your own? DIY travel planning isn’t right for everyone—so why not receive expert, personal guidance from travel advisors who understand your company needs and can save you time and effort? Our agents have an average of over 15 years of experience with corporate travel, and they take pride in finding the best travel options for your unique preferences.

Enjoy simpler, faster, more convenient business trip scheduling with our custom, one-on-one, personalized assistance.

Why Use a Team to Handle Your Travel Planning?

If you’ve ever wondered how having a travel advisor can make corporate trip arrangements easy—wonder no more! Here’s why it pays to use live, experienced travel agents to arrange your company’s corporate business trips.

Save Time 

Managing travel in a corporate setting can be time-consuming. From tracking down the best deals and making the initial booking, to overseeing the itinerary and solving last-minute mishaps, it’s not easy to juggle all the details quickly and smoothly.

Our travel consultants specialize in handling every aspect of your trip personally—so you’re guaranteed to save time (and eliminate stress!).  

Maximize Your Travel Budget 

With our travel connections, vendor loyalty programs, and insider knowledge, our expert agents can find your frequent flyers the very best deals every time. Our team can access special perks, find discounted fares and gain you upgrades—benefitting your travelers.

Receive Expert Problem-Solving 

When things go wrong (and with travel, they often do!), having someone who is knowledgeable and who cares about your company makes all the difference. Our travel consultants continue to work for you, even after the booking is complete. We’re here to solve your travel needs 24/7, so you can count on us to handle missed flights, weather cancellations, and any other travel concerns that crop up.

Our Expert Consultants Make Travel Planning Simple

You deserve top-level care during your travel bookings—and that’s easier when you can build a strong, trusted relationship with your agent. You can count on us to deliver:

Top deals

Through our professional agency accreditations and networks, we have direct access to airlines, technology partners, and industry peers—giving us an advantage in staying on top of trends and perks that benefit your company.

Experienced guidance

We’ll point you to the vendor loyalty programs that best fit your company’s specific travel needs, as well as advocate for you to ensure you get the perks you’re entitled to.

Personalized service

When you work with us, you are assigned a designated travel advisor who gets to know you, your frequent flyers, your company policies, and all the little details that ensure your full satisfaction.

Make Business Trip Planning Simple


At Premier Travel Management, we’re not satisfied until our clients are satisfied. When we’re assisting your frequent flyers, we’re dedicated to making sure you get the very best service—during every leg of your journey.

So, say goodbye to impersonal, overwhelming, DIY travel arrangements—and say yes to custom planning designed especially for your team’s specific needs. We’ll make it easy to get the best deals, manage bookings conveniently, and stay on top of your business travel needs.

Travel agents discussing booking options