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Easily manage your corporate travel online with secure virtual booking, tracking and reporting that is customized to fit your company’s travel needs.

Convenient, User-Friendly Online Travel


Tired of impersonal travel websites that are time-consuming to use and don’t comply with your company’s travel policies? Do you enjoy the do-it-yourself approach—but hate the effort it takes to visit multiple websites to handle a simple business trip?

Online corporate travel planning shouldn’t be so complicated. And it doesn’t have to be. Our customizable, web-based travel management tools provide easy to navigate, step-by-step guidance that streamlines planning, scheduling, and expense reporting for business travelers.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Systems and Hello to Seamless Planning, Booking, and Reporting

Say goodbye to outdated systems that make it hard to coordinate travel planning! Our cutting-edge booking tool, Atriis, allows for seamless booking, managing, and reporting of self- and agent-assisted business trips. This makes every aspect of your corporate travel management smooth—from booking to expense reporting!

With Atriis, you’ll enjoy complete transparency and consistency in both content and services.

Take control of your travel policy and achieve great TMC compliance with ease. At Premier Travel Management, we’re committed to making travel management stress-free and efficient for busy, detail-oriented business professionals like you. Trust us to provide the experience and reliability you need to simplify your travel needs.

Private, Branded Portal for Easy Planning

It’s easy to coordinate your team’s next business trip with our user-friendly, branded portal. Simply set up your account, and the online forms automatically populate with travel numbers, contact information, and payment options.

The portal guides you and your corporate travelers step-by-step through making reservations, including a handy automatic airfare comparison tool that ensures you don’t overpay when booking. Once the reservation is complete, travelers receive an itinerary directly to their email, and can even sync the details to their calendar on their mobile phone.

Real-Time Information at Your Fingertips

Travelers and teammates stay in the loop on everything that may affect their journey—with swift, easily viewed notifications sent to them anytime there’s a change to their itinerary.

Plus, our up-to-the-minute itinerary map feature makes it simple to keep track of and assess travel risks in real-time. Whether an unexpected storm or other travel disruptions arise, you will be in-the-know so you can avoid problems in a timely fashion.

Secure, Encrypted Access

Enjoy peace of mind about your company and staff’s sensitive information. Our online portal is safeguarded and encrypted to ensure you receive the highest level of privacy for personal and corporate data.

Our real-time reporting system makes it simple to track travel spending and customize your reports. Plus, you can designate access permission so that only specified staff members can access personal and corporate data and invoices.

Simplify Your Corporate Travel Management


Make handling your online travel arrangements a breeze with our streamlined web-based travel management system. 

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